Seven Reasons to Relocate to St. John’s

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Anyone who has ever been to North America’s Oldest City can attest to the fact that it’s a great city. St. John’s has become a great place to relocate for a variety of recent economic reasons. Here are my reasons why St. John’s Newfoundland is a good choice for relocation.

7. Scenery – View Newfoundland’s spectacular coastlines, panoramic views, icebergs, whales and provincial parks.

6. Affordable Housing – Average real estate price for in St. John’s is lower then most cities in Canada. We are seeing more and more emails from people in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto looking to relocate back to Newfoundland or looking to invest in Newfoundland.

5. Quality of living – Enjoy a high standard of living, low population, great schools, little traffic, fresh clean air and genuine Newfoundland hospitality.

4. Proximity – Your commute to and from work, schools and amenities is VERY short. You can drive from East End St. John’s to West End in about 15mins. With the Outer Ring Road and Torbay By-Pass roads commute time from Paradise, CBS, Torbay and Pouch Cove has been reduced significantly.

3. Nightlife – There is always something to do in the evenings. Plays, theater, beautiful restaurants and live music and events at most George Street bars.

2. Outdoor Activities – There are lots of winter sports (skiing, ice fishing, skating, snowboarding, ice hockey, snowmobiling, etc.) and endless summer activities (golfing, baseball, soccer, swimming, jogging, sea kayaking, rowing etc.). Hike or camp the trails in provincial parks or the East Coast Trail. Hunt moose, rabbit, caribou or pick blueberries. There is something here for everyone.

1. The next few years are looking very promising for Newfoundland. There is a lot of hype on our oil and gas industry. Hebron, White Rose, Hibernia, and the Terra Nova Project, all major contributors to the Newfoundland Economy. This combined with the low cost of living makes St. John’s an attractive city to relocate.

Allow Fraser and Stephen Winters to assist you when relocating to St. John’s or surrounding areas. Email us for a relocation package.

7 Reasons to Invest in Newfoundland Real Estate

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The Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Newfoundland Real Estate are:

7. Average price for a home in Newfoundland is MUCH lower then the Canadian average house price. A 2-apt home for $200,000 can fetch you an extra $1600 a month cash flow (before expenses and mortgage)

6. The next few years are looking promising for the real estate market. Remax is predicting a 12% increase in housing prices for 2008.

5. Oil and Gas – Hebron, White Rose, Hibernia, Terra Nova Project, all major contributors to the Newfoundland Economy.

4. The cost of living in Newfoundland is lower per person/family then other provinces in Canada.

3. Danny Williams. Whether you like him or not, the “Danny Williams Effect” has certainly placed a positive spin on Newfoundland.

2. View some of the most spectacular images in the world off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Watch whales breach and icebergs float by your reasonable priced ocean front property. Own a little corner of the world you can call your own.

1. Quality of living. Newfoundland being an island has a low crime rate and a high standard of living. Little to no traffic. Plenty of provincial parks and golf courses. Top notch amenities. As well as our genuine Newfoundland hospitality, quick wit, and charm.