CREA Gives A Whole New Meaning To ‘Guided Tours’ With The New iPhone App

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The Canadian Real Estate Association and Plastic Mobile partner to revamp iPhone app

April 17, 2014 (Toronto, ON) -, Canada’s largest dedicated real estate listings website, has partnered with award-winning mobile agency Plastic Mobile to launch a completely redesigned mobile experience in the iPhone app version 2.0.0. app

“REALTORS® are always looking to provide consumers with the best real estate experience possible”, stated Mary Van Buren, VP Marketing and Technology for The Canadian Real Estate Association. “We’re excited to see our first app continue to grow and evolve, and bring even more features and functions to homebuyers and sellers.”’s mobile app boasts Canada’s largest collection of property listings and its new sleek design, optimized for iOS7, provides seamless navigation for property search, and intuitive access to all features from almost any screen in the app. Since launch, the mobile app has experienced rapid growth with over 1.2 million users to date.

“To stay at the leading edge of the mobile space, we apply the best practices in the industry and create apps that are home screen worthy.” said Sep Seyedi, CEO of Plastic Mobile. “The new look and feel of the app reflects that, offering intuitive usability and overall a more engaging user experience.”

For more information, watch the video and download the iPhone App in the App Store.

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My Top 4 Apps for your iPad

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About three years ago I wrote about what apps I used for my new iPad for Real Estate and everyday Realtor tasks.  While some have come and some have gone, most are still on my iPad.  (yes Angry Birds is still there) These apps aren’t just for Realtors.  I think everybody can personally benefit from them.

Tablets and smart phones are main stream now and will only continue to further intertwine with our everyday lives. While too many apps can over complicate and distract you, I have found the following 4 apps below (after 3 years of research) to be my go-to apps.

1) Dropbox – If you don’t have it….GET IT.  It’s free up to 2gigs.  Upgrade packages are available monthly.  This is my one stop shop for ALL my files.  (business files, contracts, listing photos etc)  Anything I need anywhere in the world can be emailed with the click of a button.  This is the first app you should install on any computer/laptop/phone/tablet you have.  You can sign up for DropBox here.

2) PDF Expert – The next app to install is PDF Expert.  For $9.99 you can view, edit, create PDF documents.  Sign papers/contracts with clients and email a copy with the click of a button.  It integrates with DropBox as well so you never have to be without a file on the road.  With PDF Expert and DropBox you are basically 75% paperless in my opinion.

3) Penultimate – Great app for hand written notes, diagrams, clients information as well as information on their property.  Save to a PDF and upload to Dropbox, or, the beauty of Penultimate it syncs automatically with my next favourite app Evernote.

4) Evernote - This program does it all.  I have to admit it took me a while to use, but once you start to use it you will find you use it more and more. What can it do?  Actually, what can’t it do!  Whether you have a quick text note, link to to website, snippet from a website, PDF file, photo or audio file, Evernote will save it and file it and sync it.  The best part you can search for keywords and Evernote will pull up every file you have stored related to that particular keyword! It prides itself on its slogan “Remember everything”  I think it should change it to “Forget everything, Evernote has you covered”


iPad Real Estate Apps for Realtors

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I purchased a new iPad 2 a month ago and I have to say I love it. While there are a number of “fun and play” apps available at the App Store my intent was to use this as a work related device. So after a few weeks of Angry Birds I have finally buckled down and setup the iPad for work only mode. In this post I have outlined some of the apps that I found to be worthwhile, from a Realtor’s perspective. In the next post I will review apps for real estate from the buyer/seller point of view.

First in the list Dropbox iPad app. With limited storage space on the iPad (32gigs for mine) having cloud storage is a must. I have Dropbox installed on my iPad, iPhone, laptop and desktop. Anytime I need a file I have it no matter where I go. Dropbox is free for the first 2gigs after that you pay. Well worth the investment. This should be your first install…..after that addictive Angry Birds.

PDF Expert iPad app. Read and edit PDF files. Great app for reading PDF files and typing up contracts. You can bring the iPad to a clients house and type in all the necessary clauses for a contract. Then they can sign it right on the spot. Email your client a copy instantly and forward another copy to the other realtor. Completely paperless. An added feature, it integrates with Dropbox. iPad/iphone app ( for the US) – The Canadian Real Estate Association has released an app to search for homes across Canada. Search for a Realtor, a property, a particular MLS number and save your searches. My favorite feature is the ‘properties near me’ and the ‘new listings near me’. Simply click on either and up pops listings in a radius near you. Great feature when on the go.

Zillow App for US real estate. Great for Canadians looking to purchaser south of the boarder. I really wish Zillow operated in Canada. They are light years ahead of any real estate property search. Unfortunately even better then

MobileMe. While not necessary for most, I found it very convenient – especially if you have a team.  We currently use Top Producer for syncing contacts and calendars. At about $100 a month Top Producer isn’t cheap. The $109 a year for MobileMe is a much nicer price tag and does everything Top Producer does and easier.  As a bonus we get 10 gigs of storage (integrates into PDF Expert).  What really sold me on this was the ability to sync between my laptop and desktop Outlook, my iPhone and iPad, my fathers laptop and desktop Outlook and his Blackberry and keep our single database in sync as well as share both our calendars.  All this done COMPLETELY wirelessly.  Make a change on ANY device or computer and within minutes the rest are updated.

Tweetdeck iPad App.  Keep in touch with all the “up-to-the-second” tweets from the Twitter world.  I use Tweetdeck for my desktop,  this is the main reason I picked the iPad app.  I like how it syncs your settings on one and will automatically reflect on the other.  There are lots Twitter apps out there.

Facebook iPad/iPhone App.  Used mostly for personal reasons, a lot more Realtors are using Facebook as a means to advertise their properties. (Check out Stephen Winters  Real Estate Page)  There is no”offical” Facebook app for the iPad.  You will be prompted to download the iPhone one. Surprised by this actually. Only a matter of  time til this  app is released  I assume.

Note Taker HD app.  This is a great little app for handwriting notes, diagrams.  Think of this as your digital yellow paper note pad.  Highly recommend purchasing a Targus Stylus (at Futureshop for $15)  There is a $4.99 cost for this app but well worth it.  You can PDF your notes, save them to Dropbox or email.

eKey iphone/iPad app – If your real estate board uses the Supra lock boxes/keys this could be a great feature. I will admit I haven’t used this app yet (only found it this weekend).  It does appear more practical for the iPhone but you can use it if you carry your iPad on appointments.  Simply point and voila….the lockbox is open.  Well….I assume it does.  Any one have feedback on this one?

WordPress iPad app.  If your blog is run by WordPress this makes for a decent app.  Currently writing this article via  the Worpress iPad app and my initial thoughts are good. The only down side is the ability for “visual edit post”  like on the desktop.  Seems that everything is typed in the “html edit post”.  Adding a photo or video is easy as there is an icon for this.  But to add a website address… was  easier to pop on to the laptop for this.  Haven’t seen away to”bold” words yet either.  It seems that this is just for a basic  type and post.  If you are looking to add flare to  your post, the laptop/desktop is much easier.

What are your favorite iPad/iPhone real estate apps?