January Real Estate Newsletter

The outlook for Newfoundland Real Estate for 2008 will be positively supported by a strong provincial economy, with the average MLS® price forecast to increase 6.4% to $157,500. REMAX is suggesting a 12% increase which would put the average price around the $170,000 mark. The expected increase in single detached and two apartment homes can be seen already, and it’s very early in the new year.
Currently we are experiencing low housing inventory and a high number of buyers. Now is the right time to sell your house for maximum value.

I recently read a review of average St. John’s House prices from 2002 – 2008 (forecasted) from CMHC. Good to see the St. John’s real estate market on the rise in recent years.

2002 – $113,081 2003 – $119,822 2004 – $131,499
2005 – $141,167 2006 – $139,542 2007 – $148,000
And forcasted for 2008 – $157,500

January Newsletter Fraser and Stephen Winters – Remax


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