My Top 4 Apps for your iPad

March 18, 2014 · Filed Under Real Estate Technology 

About three years ago I wrote about what apps I used for my new iPad for Real Estate and everyday Realtor tasks.  While some have come and some have gone, most are still on my iPad.  (yes Angry Birds is still there) These apps aren’t just for Realtors.  I think everybody can personally benefit from them.

Tablets and smart phones are main stream now and will only continue to further intertwine with our everyday lives. While too many apps can over complicate and distract you, I have found the following 4 apps below (after 3 years of research) to be my go-to apps.

1) Dropbox – If you don’t have it….GET IT.  It’s free up to 2gigs.  Upgrade packages are available monthly.  This is my one stop shop for ALL my files.  (business files, contracts, listing photos etc)  Anything I need anywhere in the world can be emailed with the click of a button.  This is the first app you should install on any computer/laptop/phone/tablet you have.  You can sign up for DropBox here.

2) PDF Expert – The next app to install is PDF Expert.  For $9.99 you can view, edit, create PDF documents.  Sign papers/contracts with clients and email a copy with the click of a button.  It integrates with DropBox as well so you never have to be without a file on the road.  With PDF Expert and DropBox you are basically 75% paperless in my opinion.

3) Penultimate – Great app for hand written notes, diagrams, clients information as well as information on their property.  Save to a PDF and upload to Dropbox, or, the beauty of Penultimate it syncs automatically with my next favourite app Evernote.

4) Evernote - This program does it all.  I have to admit it took me a while to use, but once you start to use it you will find you use it more and more. What can it do?  Actually, what can’t it do!  Whether you have a quick text note, link to to website, snippet from a website, PDF file, photo or audio file, Evernote will save it and file it and sync it.  The best part you can search for keywords and Evernote will pull up every file you have stored related to that particular keyword! It prides itself on its slogan “Remember everything”  I think it should change it to “Forget everything, Evernote has you covered”



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