Newfoundland Real Estate MLS Stats February

Buyers are taking advantage of favourable real estate market conditions around St. John’s and areas….sellers too are reaping the rewards. Multiple offers are a factor in our marketplace once again, with well-priced listings—especially around the $200k to $260k  price range. Properties priced at market value will likely sell quickly for top dollar. The overall pressure on sales and price is significant across the board – and it’s not likely to subside unless more inventory comes on-stream.  The Bank of Canada released today that it will keep it’s interest rate “as is” but hinted at the fact it will most likely increase in June/July due to Canada’s higher then expect latest GDP numbers.

Total # of new MLS Listings [Feb] =567 (based on residential stats)

Total # of Sales [Feb] = 259

Number of Active Listings in the NLAR MLS System (ALL of Newfoundland) = 2650 (residential only)

Here is a break down by area for the month of February

St. John’s Real Estate: Listings = 117   Sales = 66 Sales/Listings Ratio = 56%

Average Sale Price is St. John’s: $270,742 for the month of February and the 12 month average $240,470

Mount Pearl Real Estate: Listings = 13 Sales = 7  Sales/Listings Ratio = 54%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): $218,063

Paradise Real Estate: Listings =64 Sales = 18 Sales/Listings Ratio =28%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): $268,980

East Extern Real Estate: Listings = 37 Sales = 14  Sales/Listings Ratio = 38%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): $259,371

Conception Bay South Real Estate: Listings = 48   Sales = 19  Sales/Listings Ratio = 40%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): $225,728


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