St. John’s Newfoundland MLS Stats for November 2011

The number of home sales in St. John’s increased in November to 477.  This is up 30% from November 2010.  There was a fair amount of activity this month compared to the previous months.   Listings were up only 2% and expired listings dropped back to 10%, but it was the 30% gain in sales for November made a huge difference to our market place.  It’s good to see expired listings  slowly dropping to normal levels.   With lots of buyers in the market place we should see a fairly active beginning to 2012 in St. John’s.

RE/MAX released their Canadian Housing Market Estimates for 2012 and prices for a house in St. John’s and surrounding area is estimated to increase by 5% in 2012.

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Total # of MLS Listings [November] = 754 (based on residential stats)

Total # of Sales [November] = 477

Number of Active Listings in the NLAR MLS System (ALL of Newfoundland) = 3600

Here is a break down by area for the month of November

St. John’s Real Estate: Listings = 144   Sales = 114 Sales/Listings Ratio = 79%

Average sale price for a home in St. John’s: $292,747 for the month of November and the 12 month average $290,428

Mount Pearl Real Estate: Listings = 18 Sales = 23  Sales/Listings Ratio = 128%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): $260,357

Paradise Real Estate: Listings =38 Sales = 45 Sales/Listings Ratio =118%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): 325,088

East Extern Real Estate: Listings = 33 Sales = 20  Sales/Listings Ratio = 61%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): $313,363

Conception Bay South Real Estate: Listings = 37   Sales = 32  Sales/Listings Ratio = 65%

Average Sale Price (12 month average): $273,702



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