A Little Real Estate humor

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In the mist of the busy real estate in St. John’s this June I have slipped away from my blog postings.  I have learned in busy times it’s good to maintain some humor throughout the day.  Here are some “corny” quick laughs.

– Realtor sign–We have “lots” to be thankful for.

– I listed a maintenance free house. In the last 25 years there hasn’t been any maintenance.

– (Q) Did you hear about Robin Hood’s house? (A) It has a little John.

Free St. John’s Real Estate listings on kijiji – Is it worth it?

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I just was introduced to the world of kijiji. Kijiji is a website where you can post anything for sale or post looking for items to buy. Similar to to craigslist.org

I looked under the real estate section of St. john’s Kijiji and noticed there was 45 ads to sort through. The problem that I saw was the 40 ad’s from Realtors in Edmonton, PEI real estate, BC Real estate and realtors, free mortgage advice and online mortgage approvals from no name ad’s. However there was 5 listings there but you really had to look closely and sort through the Google Ad’s (St. John’s Real Estate Blog – www.stjohnsrealestateonline.com was there 4 times) and sponsored links. Of course I’m biased but I do not see a “free classified” online website the optimal way to promote your home for sale.

I looked on craigslist.org and ebay.ca as well for real estate listings. Much easier to find and sort through, however extremely limited in selections.

Personal plug: Why not just use a Realtor to purchase your home? It’s free to have a Realtor in St. John’s assist you in the purchasing of your new home. Both pre-existing homes and new home construction apply. Contact your local Realtor today and ask them how they can help.

Weekend Real Estate Reading

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With lots of great Real Estate Blog’s on the internet it’s hard to read them all. I have compiled a list of interesting topics from a few of the blogs I read daily.

Toronto Real Estate (Real Estate Intelligence) has an interesting article on how long should it take to sell your home?

Norm Fisher’s Saskatoon Real Estate Blog discusses CREA’s report on a slowdown of MLS sale’s nationally. It’s a little contradictory to our local real estate market, but remember the report is from all major cities across Canada. They peaked in home sales earlier then Newfoundland.

A common situation occurs during a real estate transaction when a fireplace, which was “thought” to be attached, was actually a removable, often times an electric fireplace. Edmonton’s Real Estate Blogger’s Sara MacLennan and Sheldon Johnston write about how not to get burned with removable fireplaces.

Did you sell your home and move in 2007? Can you claim all or a portion of your move on your income tax return? Well Mark Argentino from Mississauga fills in the blanks about the possibility of your moving expenses being tax deductible.

A common question we as Realtors are asked, is when is the best time of year to buy or sell real estate? Collingwood Blue Mountain Real Estate will give you the inside track for consideration.

It pays going green…..even on your mortgage. Canadian Mortgage Trends writes about how being environmentally friendly can save you money on your mortgage

A daily dose from Montreal includes a compiled list of headlines discussing a Canadian Credit Crunch

Have a super weekend!

St. John’s on the Monopoly Board

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Monopoly is launching a new Here & Now World Edition and is inviting everyone around the world to vote for the greatest cities around the globe. The 22 cities with the highest worldwide votes will make it onto one global Monopoly board.

Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto are among 68 world cities being considered for inclusion in the international version of Monopoly to be launched this fall. Facebook is even picking up the campaign pushing to have a strong Canadian presence.

Surprisingly St. John’s is not on the top 22 cities in the world however you can change that by going to the website and voting. Ok so St. John’s Newfoundland may not make the cut, but check it out for fun at least and vote for a Canadian city of your choice.

Voting will end at the end of February for the nominations and then voting will start for the for cities that will actually make the board.

Thanks to Toronto Real Estate Blog for this post.