Home safety is more than locked doors and alarms

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When it comes to home security, most homeowners think about door locks and alarms. These are, of course, very important. However, there is also a lot you can do around your property to prevent the possibility of a break-in.

One important part of home security is outdoor lighting. Your  home doesn’t need to be lit up like a baseball diamond at night, but your exterior lighting should illuminate your yard enough to be a deterrent  to burglars. Some burglars hide around the property and wait for someone to arrive and open the door so they can use that opportunity to force  their way into your home.

Security experts suggest that you walk around your property and look for areas where someone could hide, such as behind tall shrubbery like a  cedar hedge or behind a tool shed. Make sure these areas are well lit. Pay particular attention to lighting around exterior doors, especially the  back door.

Home security experts also recommend that exterior lighting be installed with a timed dimmer. The lights can then be set to cast a bright light in the early evening, and then a dimmer light throughout the rest of the night.Lights installed with motion detectors can also be effective in certain areas. The sensors will cause the light to turn on or brighten when someone comes onto that part of your property. Generally, thieves will flee as  soon as they see a light turn on.

Do you hide a spare key under the front door mat or in a flower pot? No matter how clever you think you are, experienced thieves know all the common hiding places. So, if you need to have a spare key available, put it in a small combination lock box and hide the box. That way, if a burglar finds the box, he still won’t be able to open it and access the key.

REMAX Yard Sale for the Cure

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RE/MAX has a long tradition of supporting worthwhile causes. In 2004, the company threw its support behind the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

The RE/MAX offices in St. John’s will once again host their Yard Sale for the Cure on May 31st. Last year local RE/MAX Realtors raised over $2,000.00. We have plans to do even better this year.

RE/MAX invites you to join the event that brings hundreds of neighbourhoods together for a massive one day yard sale in support of breast cancer.

“Yard Sale for the Cure” is the natural evolution of our involvement with breast cancer, and yet another occasion for us to give back to the community. In real estate, it’s often said that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. There is no truer adage when it comes to selling your home. A well maintained and clutter-free home will sell more quickly and for a higher price than a similar home that is not as inviting. “Yard Sale for the Cure” provides homeowners with an excellent opportunity to unload items no longer in use, while simultaneously raising much-needed funds for Breast Cancer Research.

Fundraising events such as “Yard Sale for the Cure” ensure we all play a role in finding a cure for breast cancer.

Home Winterization Tips

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heatloss.jpgNovember is almost over and thankfully no snow…..yet. This is the time of year when lots homeowners head into Kent, Home Depot, Chester Dawe / Rona looking for ways to “winterize” their homes. Fall is the time to make sure your home is comfortable, energy-efficient and safe for the winter season. Take a quick walk outside the perimeter of your home and assess if any siding, caulking needs repairing/replacing. Do a visual check on the roof, are the shingles in good working order? Is your basement open and uninsulated? Might be a great opportunity to insulate the basement walls. Most of the heat in your house will be lost here. I just recently insulated my basement walls and notice a huge difference. Newfoundland Power offers some great rebates if you do this as well.

CMHC has a great website for information on Insulting your House.